The problem of spoiling children has been common these days. With the development of economy and technology, the quality of life has become better and better. As a result, children today are experiencing more and more enjoyment. Their parents will give me unlimited allowance to satisfy them so as to encourage their children to study harder. Consequently. children are turning in to "little princesses" and "little princes" in today's society. This is definitely not the outcome we would love to see. Since children are going to be the future of our society, it is important to train them to develop a sense of independence as well as responsiblity rather than laziness. Parents should realize the seriousness of this problem soon and start to take actions to rescue their children. Otherwise, our society will eventually move towards a direction that everyone doesn't want to face。










I have a happy family.My family have five poeple:grandpa, grandma, father, mother, and me.


My grandparents live in countryside. They have six rooms. The room is big.There are two apple in the ground.They have sixteen goats and three cows. The goat is white. The cow is yellow. They are healthy.


My parents and me live in city.My father is a worker. His work is hard.My mother is a high school's Chinese teacher, She take bicycle go to work at seven'clock.In the afternoon, she doesn't go home. In the evening, she make supper. The food is delicious.I am a student. I have Chinese, math and English everyday. That is boring.I have many friends. After class, I play with my friends.


We are tried, but we are very happy.I love my family.



一,家庭教育是指父母親人對孩子的教育培養。family education 家庭教育 或者Family life education家庭生活教育

二,Parents in China are paying more attention to the traning of their only-child than ever before.Now,many children in cities have family tutors and more and more children have to learn a lot before they go to school.This is mainly because parents want their children to become somebody or to live better when they grow up.In addition,one-child families have more money and energy than before to afford family traning.

高中英語250字作文。求思路 題目是家庭教育 有關父母影響的一片250字英語作文... ...能求








My View on School Education

School eduction has played an important role in people’s life. When reaching three tears old, the little children will go to kindergarten for a preschool education. And then they will take part in the primary school, middle school, high school, college and so on. School eduction almost run through people’s whole life. So it is very important. We all know that thereare many knowledgeable teachers in school will teach the students. But it’s not enough. School eduction needs the coordination of family education. The British educator, Hosea Ballou once said,”Education commences at the mother’s knee, and every word spoken within the hearsay of children tends towards the formation of character. Therefore, we can see that the successful of school education needs the help of family education so that the children can have a perfect education. The promissing future is waiting for them.




英語作文模闆:university education

Some people think that university should not provide theoretical knowledge, but to give practical training benefit to society. Do you agree or disagree? Use your own experience and knowledge to support your idea.

Nowhere in the world has the issue of student been so much debated as in our society. In this competitive society, ability of work and employment experience have become very important features of ordinary students' future; therefore, many people think that university should teach students the real knowledge that comes from practice and direct experience. The above point is certainly wrong; this essay will outline three reasons.

The main reason is that students' study will be delayed and disadvantaged. The academic knowledge of students will be hard to make greater progress in order to practical training and employment experience. In this special period of life, students have the best memory and intellect. If they do not work hard at study, they will lose it that could be balanced by neither good employment experience nor information of outside classroom. If students choose to carefully study academic knowledge in the university, they would gain a better future.

Another reason is that current knowledge of students is not enough capable to face practical training's requirements. If students are not taught professional theoretical knowledge, they just depend on the basal academic knowledge that they studied in the high school. In fact, they are really difficult to progress real practical training and gain abundant employment experience.

Last but not the least reason is the professional theoretical knowledge that it is necessary to work of future. For instance, when I graduated from university, I did not have any employment experience. But, I was hired a famous network company. I could gain this work chance, only, because of my professional theoretical knowledge.

In conclusion, the students ought to only study theoretical knowledge in the university. It is unnecessary to let university that provides plenty of practical training.








Who is more important V family education

I think, many children would say, no father no what relationship, however, must have a mother.

Since that, I was a man, to afford the responsibility, bear got things, not lazy. Work hard,positive and optimistic, often spread positive energy, many though, God does not the United States, I did not become the goddess, but, let me in the years into a tough woman, thorn, also often can be all things to all men handle the surrounding a variety of interpersonal relationship.

The book to reformed, for me, in the family education, the mother is a important role, reallyfeel shy, I never indulge in verbiage to my students, their teacher ever? However, after almostevery child to see me, will be very consciously think their teacher are very great, though, a little embarrassed, teachers feel really nothing remarkable. However, in order to play a leading role, I rarely promised to someone else the results don't do. Among these, there are some not to do, I do have a concern and discussed some of the family, after consultation tofeel either.

Family education, in my opinion, I kind of just and children to be the kind of person, but it does not lack friends, prestige. I will not use the tone of command to command her to do anything, if she don't do a thing, I would say, well, I will accompany her crazy, even, cheer for her, until she felt his mother just a member of the audience, but also very cooperative,however, her behavior is not a student should be doing, I sometimes to point at large the better to apprehend him.

A wise mother, absolutely not display how amazing, but as children act in pettish to children,weakness, will ask children to take care of you, in this way to get along mode, slowly to exercise their fortitude and independence, do a job with skill and ease a pattern andharmonious coexistence.